Pet Clipper Buyer's Guide
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

Groomed Schnauzer Pet clippers are an often overlooked tool in your dog's grooming kit. Perfect for those finishing touches around the face, leg feathers, and feet, clippers are essential for long-haired dogs, and ideal for achieving a breed standard look on schnauzers and poodles. Here are some things you should look for when purchasing an at-home pet clipper:

  • An ergonomic shape that fits your hand, and won't cause strain on your wrist and elbow

  • Break-resistant housing so you can be assured that an accidental drop won't damage your unit

  • Maintenance free - this means no taking apart for oiling of internal parts

  • High clipping speed - a powerful motor that runs fast AND QUIET

  • Cool running unit, so it doesn't require fans and air vents that can become clogged and won't get hot in your hand

  • Detachable, rust- and chemical-resistant blades for longer, sharper cutting.
Clipping should always be done after the coat is clean. Dirt, mats, and oils will quickly dull your clipper and ruin your equipment. One thing to remember when selecting blades for your trimmer is the higher the number, the closer the cut. Also, a nice selection of snap-on combs allow you to leave the coat longer while still maintaining a clipper look. You may want to invest in a grooming table and use a neck loop to keep your dog in place.