Dog Cages Overview
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

Considering a cage? A cage provides your dog with a safe, secure, indoor refuge. While some might initially consider a cage to be a "doggie jail," your dog, who is instinctively a den animal, actually appreciates having a private, quiet space of his own.

When used appropriately, a cage is beneficial and calming. A cage is also extremely helpful in housetraining and in controlling destructive behavior resulting from teething, stress, or separation anxiety.

When selecting a cage, pay close attention to:

  • Construction - Choose either square-back (non-foldable) or fold & carry (foldable for easy transport). And look for welded steel, which is the strongest and most durable.

  • Wire gauge and spacing - The lower the wire gauge number, the tougher the wire. And the closer together the wire, the stronger the cage.

  • Weight - Choose a cage that is not too heavy for you to move.

  • Cage tray - Look for polyethylene trays, which are quiet, durable, and easy to clean.

  • Headroom - Select a cage that lets your dog stand, sit, and turn around comfortably as an adult. Add a divider panel to regulate space while your pup is growing.

  • Lock - Look for a dog-proof cam lock, especially if your dog is an escape artist.
Thanks to a wide variety of available cages, you're sure to find a cage that fits your dog's needs, your home, and your budget. All our cages feature double-welded steel construction and a chew-proof polyethylene tray. The following chart has a sampling of our popular cages:

BEST Quality Cages Special Features
Kennel-Aire Professional Fold & Carry Cages Strong, very tight wire spacing for extreme stability and security, easy to fold and move.
Drs. Foster and Smith Compact Dog Crate Strong, very stable side and end doors make access very easy, simple to fold and move.
BETTER Quality Cages Special Features
Drs. Foster and Smith Elite Classic 3 Door Dog Crate Strong, heavy-duty wire, very stable. Perfect non-traveling model.
GOOD Quality Cages Special Features
Drs. Foster and Smith Basic 1 Door Dog Crate Affordable basic cage with secure cam lock latch and same easy-care tray as Best models.
Drs. Foster and Smith Classic Crate 2 Door Affordable basic folding cage with secure cam lock latch and same easy-care tray as Best models.
Floor grates and divider panels available for all but Hammertone Cage.

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