Food for Thought: Foraging Toys Teach and Tantalize
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

Each day your bird does or says something new and amazing. Her brainy behavior is no accident - research has shown that birds are extremely intelligent. Birds learn by insight and example and have even been known to use tools for eating and grooming. To keep your bird on the path to learning, you must provide her with intellectual stimulation and intelligent play that exercise her body and mind.
Foraging toys offer an ideal outlet for the physical exercise and mental stimulation involved in intelligent play. Available in sizes to suit birds from canaries to cockatoos, foraging toys provide perplexing puzzles and the opportunity to retrieve nutritious treats. And because your bird will stay entertained and occupied for hours, treat toys - whether replaceable or refillable - are perfect playthings when you're away from home.

Replaceable foraging toys, such as Treat Piñatas and Kabob Toys offer built-in treats like nuts and dried fruits and are designed to be eaten and replaced. Refillable foraging toys like the Treat Cage with Toys and Buffet Ball are usually made from plastic or steel, and reward your bird again and again as you refill with a treat. Challenging puzzle toys combined with tantalizing treats help make playtime an engaging, educational experience for your bird.

We Recommend
Rings of Fortune Bird Foraging Toy
Rings of Fortune Bird Foraging Toy

challenges your bird to solve the puzzle before retrieving her treat.
  Nutty Log Mineral Treat
Nutty Log

has tasty peanuts embedded in this challenging bird treat.
Treat Cage
Treat Cage

turns playtime into "food for thought" by slipping these various toys inside the puzzle cage for him to free.
Crazy Cubes Treat Drawers
Crazy Cubes Treat Drawers

challenges your pet bird to solve the puzzle for food rewards.
Treat Piñata

provides hours of playful pecking fun.