Benefits of Treat Toys for Birds
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

We know that treats and toys provide valuable reward, exercise, and boredom relief to our four-legged friends, but did you know that "playtime" for your bird is absolutely essential to its mental health? Large caged birds who aren't intellectually stimulated regularly are more prone to stressful behaviors like feather picking, screaming, and biting.

A great way to challenge your bird and sharpen his intellect - while offering a nutritious snack - is to get a treat toy for your bird's cage. Even birds that do not seem interested in toys alone can't resist cracking open a nut or trying to get at some juicy fruit on a skewer. There are basically two types of Treat Toys: "eat and replace" or refillable dispensers you can use again and again.

  • Eat & Replace Treat Toys - These toys come with treats built in, such as Mineral Logs, which embed tasty peanuts or millet inside a mineral-packed clay log or Bird Banquet Mineral Blocks, with seeds, fruit or vegetables inside.

  • Treat Dispensers - Made from tough, easy-clean polycarbonate, these are treat puzzles you can refill again and again.

    Rings of Fortune Bird Foraging Toy offers several nooks to tuck treats inside.

    Foraging Wheels 5 compartments and 2 slotted openings add a fun spin to foraging.

    Transporter Foraging Toys require your pet bird to successfully navigate the treat inside the clear thimble and drop it through the opening.

Remember to get size-appropriate treat toys for your bird and check them frequently for damage. Provide plenty of toys and variety and alternate so your bird does not get bored.

Cockatiel with a Ball of Fun
Mineral Log
Foraging Wheel
Transporter Foraging Toys