Field Dogs: How to Increase Their Energy
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

Field dogs burn a lot of energy, so during active training or the hunting season they need extra calories. Without additional caloric supplementation they may lose weight and energy, and could develop dry skin and thin hair coats filled with dander. Of all the things that go into their diets, dogs get most of their calories from proteins and fats, especially fats. Therefore, during periods of high-energy needs, we put our upland and waterfowl dogs on a high protein/fat diet and a fatty acid supplement.

We always stay with dry foods and we feed them dry. The abrasive action of eating dry food helps keep the teeth and gums in good condition. Remember, there is often no nutritional difference between dry and canned food; however, canned is over 80% water while the dry is usually less than 10%!

For field dogs, fatty acid supplements like our Premium Plus Omega-3 Gel Caps and vitamins like Lifestage Select® Adult Dog Vitamin Supplement are excellent choices. While they can be given year-round, they are essential during times of added stress. They provide an additional source of calories and help maintain the condition of the skin and haircoat.

Photo from the book, "Just Goldens."