Sponge Filters & Breeding Aquariums
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

Sponge Filters & Breeding Aquariums: Filtration Tips for Breeding Success

Breeding and raising fish is one of the most exciting and educational facets of the aquarium hobby. To ensure the safety and health of the fry, you must employ filtration gentle enough not to harm them, yet strong enough to maintain healthy water conditions.

Sponge filters have proven to be an excellent solution for filtering breeding aquariums, as they:

  • include no moving parts to harm the fry
  • provide an efficient form of biological filtration
  • allow water flow to be adjusted to meet the needs of the fry
  • are easily cleaned in aquarium water, preserving beneficial bacteria

In addition to a sponge filter in your breeding aquarium (which should be around 5 gallons in size), you will also need an air pump, a check valve, an air control valve, and a heater. The check valve will prevent flooding if power is lost, and the control valve will allow you to adjust the air output to the perfect level for the fry.

With the right equipment, you and your family can experience the excitement and rewards that breeding fish can bring.

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