How to Create Custom Treat Blends
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

Custom Table Treats

Our single ingredient seed, fruit, and nut selections allow you to create a treat blend with your bird's favorites, just like our Build-Your-Own- Toys! By creating your bird's own custom blend, you give your bird what she likes with no fillers and less waste. Now that's a money-saving idea!

Have a bird who adores tropical treats, like a Caique? Try a blend with dried fruits of the rainforest like papaya and pineapple.

Does your bird prefer a certain seed or grain? Use our oats, millet, or cracked corn to give your bird a treat he'll love.

Bigger birds, with their strong beaks, appreciate nuts they can hold and break open, like walnuts and Brazil nuts. Create a mix that includes these for your Macaw.

Smaller birds, like parakeets, prefer softer shelled nuts or ones that are easily opened, like pine nuts or pistachios.

Want to add some vitamins and minerals to your bird's diet, naturally? Add some fruits and nuts, packed with nutrients.

Doctors' Foster and Smith seeds, fruits, and nuts are all of the finest quality and are packed and sealed to ensure that your bird is getting the very best.