Enrichment Makes a Happy, Healthy Bird
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

Exploration. Investigation. Discovery. These are all innate in birds. A whole industry has grown up around pet bird foraging. Provide plenty of foraging opportunities and you may just prevent behavior problems, such as feather picking or screaming, that may be caused by boredom.

Feeders that allow foraging for daily nutrition and toys that address foraging behaviors are available, but what about finding foraging opportunities where you might not have thought they exist?

Foraging for a rollicking good time.
Foraging Wheel Foraging Toy is a spinning wheel that rewards birds with a tasty treat. Foraging Wheel Foraging Toy Millet Seagrass Foraging Wall Fiesta Ball Stuffers
Stick Millet sprigs or tiny treats inside the plastic perforated balls on Willy Nilly or Wooden Fruit toys.
Wicker brings out the best in birds who love to pluck and explore. Stick some seeds or nuts into the wheel spokes and pod cups on the Seagrass Foraging Wall or the wicker balls on Wicker Toy Ring or Ball Cluster toys.
Remember, foraging activity and behavior is fun for birds. Try some toys!
Forage & Play Ladders let your bird explore, exercise, and forage away to her heart's content.
Toys made specifically for foraging, such as Piñatas, offer shredding and foraging fun!
Imagination is a wonderful thing. Use yours to invite your bird to forage where he might not expect it. Many foraging prospects may be found in the Build Your Own Toy section.
Check out the Fiesta Ball Stuffers, or use some of the smaller toys as foraging "prey", such as XSmall Donuts or Wooden Blocks.
Foraging, investigating, finding, whatever you want to call it, it all equals enrichment – and plenty of enrichment makes a happy, healthy bird.

Coco Hideaway with Ladder
Coco Hideaway with Ladder

Place your bird's favorite treats inside and reward his curiosity.
Treat Pinatas

Adorable piñatas provide hours of engaging activity and an acceptable outlet for natural chewing and shredding bird behavior.
Forage & play Ladder
Forage & Play Ladder

One end of each dowel is stuffed with paper, sisal, or plastic bristles for your bird to shred, peck, chew, or preen.