LED Strip Lights Innovate Aquarium Lighting
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

LED Strip Lights Innovate Aquarium Lighting
One of the most innovative trends in aquarium lighting today is LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology. Although LED technology is not a new concept, the way it is being designed to benefit your aquarium is changing the future for aquarists. LED technology has continued to revolutionize and improve upon the landscape of aquarium lighting with each new fixture that hits the market. As each new product continues to build upon and refine the technology, it is the aquarist that reaps the benefits.

Marineland, one of the foremost pioneers of the aquarium industry, is continuing to build upon the success of their Double Bright LED Light with the introduction of the Single Bright LED Light Systems.

Marineland Double Bright LED Light
Marineland Double Bright LED Light Unlike bulkier fixtures, the new Marineland Double Bright LED Light fixture offers a slim profile, has an adjustable length, requires less cords, and creates less clutter. This is especially important as the quality of aquarium systems available makes them not only more functional, but fashionable, as well.

Powering the Marineland Double Bright LED Light are powerful yet energy efficient 1W LEDs so that the fixture is capable of providing a higher light output than a standard fluorescent double bulb strip light - ranging from 450 lumens with the 18"-24" model to 1,200 lumens with the 36"-48" model. Best of all, the LEDs, protected by a waterproof polycarbonate lens, never need replacing because they last up to 17,000 lifetime hours.

Want to see how your species would look under the moonlight? Switch on the 60mW lunar lights using the toggle switch and see the amazing colors! The toggle switch also makes flipping between sun and moon light cycles a cinch.

One of the coolest features of the Marineland Double Bright LED Light is the shimmering effect of the glitter lines which simulate sunlight dancing underwater.

If you're looking to upgrade your lighting and want to step into the world of LED, the Marineland Double Bright LED Light is a great introduction to the future of lighting technology.