Aquarium Surface Skimmers Improve Water Quality
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

Why You Need a Surface Skimmer Why You Need a Surface Skimmer
If you have a saltwater aquarium, chances are you are utilizing a protein skimmer. But sometimes, a protein skimmer isn't enough. You can upgrade your saltwater aquarium filtration and improve water quality by utilizing a surface skimmer in your setup.
Aquarium Surface Skimmer how surface skimmers help
In large, populated systems or systems that need additional filtration, a surface skimmer helps skim nutrient buildup and remove oil from the water surface, left by foods such as frozen mysis. By removing any surface film, surface skimmers improve oxygen exchange and light penetration.

There are several different options for those wishing to employ a surface skimmer in their saltwater setup:

A basic stand-alone unit such as the Aquarium Surface Skimmer utilizes a 360° float that skims the water surface from all directions. The unit easily attaches to your canister filter's intake via suction cups and allows you to control skimming rate with

Foster & Smith Bio System Power Filter & Oxy Surface Skimmer a flow control valve.

A more powerful option is our Bio System Power Filter and Oxy Surface Skimmer. This quality 3-stage power filter has a built-in surface skimmer, making it a convenient way to package your filter and skimmer in one.

Aquarists who employ an Eshopps Overflow Box can benefit from the built-in surface skimming feature, which increases the rate at which surface water is pulled into the filter and helps remove waste, surface film, and dust.