How to Make Your Bird's Cage a Comforting Home
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

Must-Have Cage Accessories The right accessories truly make your bird's cage a comforting home and help ensure you have the basics for taking proper care of your feathered companion. Cable Comfy Perch Bird Bunker Cage Cover Cage Catcher Liners Poop-Off
For foot and muscle health, provide an assortment of perches, like our Comfy Perch in various styles and sizes.
For easy access to food and water, choose adequately sized, easy to remove and clean dishes.
In their natural habitat, birds find hidden solitude within their environment. Cage-side fleecy sacks or our Bird Bunker give your bird a cozy retreat, as do woven bamboo nests or wooden nest boxes.
To comfort your bird and easily convey the concept of sleep – and quiet-time – use a Cage Cover.
Essential grooming supplies include nail clippers, a sharp pair of scissors, a spray bottle for misting, and a bird bath.

Select a large quantity and variety of toys to make your bird's cage an entertaining, stimulating place.
Precut Cage Catcher Liners allow droppings to be easily inspected for changes, and can be peeled away and replaced quickly.

Non-toxic Poop-Off may be used to clean food spills and other cage messes and may keep odors at bay.
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