Refresh Old Toys With New Components
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

Build Your Own Bird Toys Our Build Your Own (BYO) Bird Toy section has become one of our most popular. Bird caretakers enjoy the fact that they can economically create a unique toy with components their birds especially like, bringing happiness into their homes.

However, other uses for BYO components are also money saving and can enhance your relationship with your bird.

Interaction Proper social interaction is a basic need for a pet bird. Without it, behavior problems such as feather picking, biting, and screaming can occur. BYO toys, whether you build a whole toy or use as components alone, can be an important part of interaction and bonding with your parrot or other pet bird.

Replacement or repair of existing toys. Is your Beakasaurus missing beads? Does your Waterfall need more wood? Sometimes other toys lose parts. Why not have a BYO Kit on hand for an exciting assortment or just “in case”.

Beakasaurus Bird ToyOccasionally other toys need a little enhancement. Use BYO components on existing toys you have, for variety and surprise. For instance, alternate with treats on a skewer-like Kabob, or insert Mini Munch Balls or UFO Blocks into Piñatas, for a new alternative.

Use individually as a non-food reward, or fill items like Munch Balls with treats to satisfy that foraging instinct. Observe what toys your bird is particularly attracted to. Pick components – hanging or foot toys – in the textures or colors he likes best, whether wood blocks, leather, chains, wicker, or bells.

Rotate toys to keep interest levels high and also to extend the life of each toy. A fun and exciting environment can be easily achieved through the conscious selection of bird toys.

Stainless Steel Bells
Stainless Steel Bell

Durable stainless steel construction resists damage and bacteria.
Wooden Toy Pieces
Wooden Toy Pieces

Assortment of wooden pieces lets you build your own bird toys.
Leather Toy Piecest
Leather Toy Pieces

Chewy leather pieces are a great addition to any bird toy.