Top 6 Tips for Avian Social Activity
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

Social Activities
Your intelligent and social bird thrives on interaction with you. In fact, regular interaction is absolutely essential for her continued well-being and overall health. In addition to standard daily attention (feeding, bathing, cage cleaning, talking to her in her cage, etc.), you should frequently offer your bird opportunities to interact – and bond – with you on a higher level.
Ladders Teach Box & Bank Sandy Shower Perch
Social Activities
Easily boost interaction with toys, treats, and more:

1. Offer Educational Toys You provide the pieces (and the praise); your bird solves the challenging puzzle(s).

2. Teach your bird to talk.

3. Teach your bird commands and tricks, like "step up," "step down," and "climb the ladder." Find a fun assortment of ladders to appeal to your pet bird.

4. Hang one or more Shower/Window Perches to give your bird access to new rooms and views.

5. Delight your bird with make-at-home treats you can serve right from your hand. You'll both enjoy the aroma and variety of Harrison's Bird Bread Mix. Nutri- Forage Pack-N-Snack lets you create stuffed treats she'll "un-stuff" with glee.

Already enjoying lots of entertaining interaction with your bird? Take time to consider what more you can do to challenge her intellect. You'll enjoy a happy, well-adjusted bird who revels in her time spent with you.