Water Sources: A Must-Have for Birds in Spring and Summer
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

Water Works in Warm Weather
As the weather warms and birds busy themselves raising young and keeping house, access to fresh, clean water becomes even more important. Give backyard birds water and they'll reward your generosity by staying close, sharing their beauty, and consuming countless pesky insects.

Adequate hydration boosts birds' overall health. Birdbaths are ideal for offering drinking water. Plus, birdbath variety lets you easily accommodate your style and space. Decorate your garden with a real beauty, such as the Red Metal Bird Bath or Bird Designs Birdbath. Or, add nighttime intrigue with the Lighted Fountain Birdbath. If yard space is limited,hang a bird waterer & birdbath from a tree branch or mount an EZ-Tilt-to-Clean Birdbath on your deck railing. Regardless of your waterer choice, be sure to clean it weekly or more frequently.

Although you've seen birds foraging through dingy ground cover and frolicking in gutter puddles, birds are actually quite meticulous creatures. Clean bath water is crucial for birds – dirty feathers can impede their ability to fly and escape predators. While birdbaths are popular bathing spots, many birds prefer bathing in a mist. Hung near or in a bush, misters coat leaves with water that birds then use for bathing. Hummingbirds will also fly right through the mist.

As young birds learn about their world and adult birds enjoy another season of ripe berries and juicy bugs, they also find time to cool down and play in their local "water parks." Encourage avian festivity in your yard by enhancing birdbaths and other reservoirs with moving water. Both neighborhood birds and those flying by will be drawn to the ripples and sounds made by water drippers, fountains, and wigglers. The Water Wiggler offers simple solutions for creating fun waves.

How Water Helps

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