7 Essential Foods to Feed Wild Birds in the Winter Months
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

7 Winter Feeding Wonder Foods

For overwintering birds, substantial sustenance is a requirement for ongoing warmth, overall health, and ultimately, for survival. Since food is less abundant, available food must provide maximum nutrition. Help birds endure winter by offering a variety of supremely nutritious - and tasty - foods.

Unsalted, shelled peanuts offer protein and energy for woodpeckers, cardinals, jays, chickadees, and others. Peanut butter smeared on a tree is also a popular winter-time fare.
Nyjer Thistle SeedNyjer Thistle Seed
Small finches flock to Nyjer seed. And since squirrels and larger birds don't like it, you get more for your money!
Cardinals, titmice, chickadees, and finches adore this thin-shelled, white seed. Like Nyjer seed, squirrels leave it alone.
Suet provides concentrated energy in cakes, balls, or plugs of pure animal fat. It is often supplemented with seeds, insects, and flavors, such as our Suet Plus Blend Cakes.
Black Oil SunflowerBlack Oil Sunflower

This ultra-popular seed is irresistible to practically every bird. A thin, easy-to-crack outer shell and large seed give birds lots of "bang for their buck." Our Black Oil Sunflower Seed provides plenty of fat and protein for winter energy.
Cracked CornCracked Corn
Cracked corn is especially popular with nuthatches, grosbeaks, and cardinals. Plus, cracked corn placed in far-away ground feeders helps lure squirrels and other "thieves" away from bird feeders.
Economy Waste-Free Seed MixMixed Seed
Seed mixes offer convenience, variety, and value. Plus, you can target your preferred winter visitors. Our Woodpecker food, appeals primarily to woodpeckers. Conversely, our Economy Waste-Free Seed Mix invites all birds to your feeder.

This winter, help ensure local birds' survival (and presence at your feeders) by feeding one or more of the above winter favorites. Also, be sure to provide an open water source. You can also provide warm shelter with a Convertible Winter Roost. It's easy to make the cold winter months more comfortable for your local feathered friends!

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