The Benefits of Eco-Friendly Bird Products
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

Happy Birds Today, Healthy World Tomorrow

Wild birds not only bring color and entertainment to backyards everywhere, they also consume countless bugs and weed seeds, making the great outdoors even greater. With all the benefits wild birds bring, we must take steps to ensure that their environment remains healthy and livable for generations to come. Doctors Foster and Smith is committed to creating and sustaining healthy habitats with a wide variety of Earth-friendly (and wild bird-favorite!) products.

Recycled feeders limit landfill contents
Today's feeders are increasingly made from plastic, metal, and glass that would otherwise go to landfills. Recycled plastic milk jugs create lasting, weatherproof feeding for virtually any type of bird. Songbirds cannot resist the Double-Decker Recycled Hopper/Platform Feeder. The recycled Going Green™ Suet Feeder draws woodpeckers and other suet-feeding birds, while the Recycled Plastic Oriole Feeder enchants Orioles. Recycled metal feeders, including the Giant Combo Feeder and the Giant Sunflower Feeder offer eco-friendly feeding flexibility.

Going Green Wren House

Eco-friendly housing keeps resources growing
Wild bird supplies made from sustainable resources help ensure continued use of resources that require no replacement. Cypress wood bird houses offer earth-friendly lodging. When the cypress tree is harvested, a sprout emerges from the stump, instantly replacing the tree.

Safe, simple environmental spruce-ups
Several eco-friendly products ensure gentle, effective, nontoxic cleaning. Birdbath and Statuary Cleaner, and Microbe-Lift Birdhouse/Birdfeeder Cleaner, keep birdbaths and feeders spotless with all-natural soy. You can also keep birdbath water naturally clean, clear, and healthy with Birdbath Water Cleaner or Microbe-Lift Birdbath Clear.

Your investment into eco-friendly wild bird products will pay off tenfold as wild birds continue to call your yard home. You'll reduce the amount of waste going to landfills, support more sustainable forestry, and cut down on toxins going into your soil and ground water. Most importantly, you'll help ensure that future generations have the opportunity to enjoy wild birds just as much as you do.

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