Pharmacy Spotlight: Atopica®
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

Spotlight on Atopica


  • Medication type: Prescription-only, immune system suppressant

  • Active ingredient: Cyclosporine

  • Dosage form: Capsule

  • Manufacturer: Novartis

  • Major use: Used to treat atopy (an allergy to airborne substances) in dogs. The active ingredient is cyclosporine, which suppresses the immune system.

  • How it works: Cyclosporine suppresses the immune system mainly through actions on lymphocytes, which are certain white blood cells involved in the immune response. Precautions: Contact your veterinarian if your pet experiences loss of appetite, vomiting, diarrhea, overgrowth of the gums, muscle cramps, increased hair growth, increased thirst, increased urination, jaundice (yellowing of gums, skin, or whites of the eyes), or lethargy while being treated with Atopica.

For full details on this medication, download the free patient information sheet.