Tips to encourage foraging
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

Tips to encourage foraging Tips to encourage foraging

Foraging, the collective activity during
which your bird searches for and locates food, is
Dehydrated Fruits & Veggiesan essential part of natural bird behavior. It may look like play, but it's actually an instinctive behavior that allows birds to find often-elusive food. The foraging instinct brings your bird the ultimate reward of nourishment while keeping him physically and mentally agile.

Foraging also offers a constructive release for pent-up energy. Foraging activities and toys help prevent damage to your property and self-destructive behavior like feather-picking.

Disguise the dish, cover the crock
While your bird watches, hide his food supply with a clean paper towel or coffee filter. He'll delight in shredding the paper cover and uncovering a fulfilling meal.

Kaytee® Fiesta™ Avian Treat JarsPlay treat hide-and-seek
Add a sampling of something new to your bird's usual cuisine or fillable toys. He'll gleefully hunt for exciting new delicacies. Just Fruits and Just Veggies, Kaytee® Fiesta™ Avian Treat Jars, and Millet entertain with new flavors and textures.

Offer foraging toys
Brain-boosting toys make foraging FUN! The Bottoms Up Foraging Toy offers three spots for hiding treats. Mineral Logs offer nuts or millet, plus mineral-rich clay. And perennial-favorite filled toys, such as Treat Piñatas, the 4-Way Forager toy, and the Buffet Ball and Kabob offer hours of foraging fun.

Treat Piñata
Treat Piñata
Buffet Ball and Kabob
Buffet Ball and Kabob