Tips to boost your bird's comfort while traveling
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

This year, expand your bird's horizons with a trip or two. And keep your feathered tourist happy and healthy with these helpful tips.
Buy the biggest travel cage you can afford, with space for food, water, a perch, and a toy. The Fold 'n Go is ideal. Be sure, however, that the cage isn't too large for your car or airline size restrictions.
Fold 'n Go Travel Cage

Before you take your bird on the road or into the wild blue yonder, take the necessary steps to enjoy the happiest, healthiest, and most memorable trip possible.

Drs. Foster and Smith Cage Cover
Acclimate your bird to his travel carrier long before you leave. Take several short trips before your big vacation.
Cover your bird's cage or ask your veterinarian about a calming supplement for birds if your bird suffers motion sickness.
Schedule a checkup with your veterinarian and request a health certificate.
Ask your veterinarian for information on the legality of transporting your bird between states or countries.
Be sure your airline and your destination(s) accommodate birds.
Pack the "birdie essentials" (see below).
Stick to your regular routines as much as possible for meals, play, and sleep.
Create a list of avian veterinarians located on the way and at your destination.
Stop frequently to allow your bird to get out of his cage and interact with you.
Plan to spend lots of time with your bird upon arrival.
Prepare for climate changes, if necessary. Headed for heat? Bring a water misting bottle. If cold awaits you, pack blankets and/or a cage cover.
Your bird's medications and a copy of her medical history. Be sure to bring your veterinarian's contact information as well. Food and water crocks - attachable Smart Crocks are very travel-friendly.
A First-Aid Kit. Bottles of the water your bird normally drinks.
A play gym, if you can't bring your bird's regular cage. Cleaning supplies such as Poop-Off and Cage Wipes and Cage Liners.
A seed guard. A Flight Suit with Lanyard.
A soft travel-cage toy, such as a Natural or Parrot PiƱata. Bird Bath Spray and a misting bottle for water.
A supply of your bird's regular food and treats.