Benefits of Birdbaths
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

The Benefits of Birdbaths
If you enjoy wild birds in your yard, birdbaths are a must. Birds absolutely require bathing to keep feathers clean and flexible and to maintain healthy skin and plumage. Birdbaths provide a safe place for wild birds to bathe as well as a reliable source of clean drinking water.

EZ-Tilt BirdbathBirdbaths offer you benefits, too! Birdbaths draw a variety of entertaining birds - including non-feeders - to your yard, and they can be a lovely focal point for a backyard setting. Plus, fountains with moving water provide a peaceful, soothing sound.

Cleaning your birdbath is essential to the health and safety of the birds that use it, and it keeps your birdbath free of unsightly stains and odors. A number of easy-to-use products simplify birdbath maintenance. Here are just a few products designed to keep your birdbath clean and healthy:

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