Product Highlight: Water Repair® Revitalize
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

Product Highlight: Water Repair® Revitalize Product Highlight: Water Repair® Revitalize
Product Highlight: Water Repair® Revitalize
As leaves or any windblown debris not removed by your pond skimmer decompose, they release chemicals such as ammonia and nitrite that are toxic to fish. Other chemicals such as nitrate and phosphate can compromise pond water quality. Revitalize naturally reduces these chemicals in a convenient and hassle-free manner.
The secret to maintaining healthy water in your pond or water garden is the proper use of beneficial bacteria. These beneficial bacterial occur naturally in your pond and are the foundations of efficient biological filtration.

However, when you have a new water garden or a troubled pond going through seasonal changes, it is important to inoculate the pond with bacteria. Our all new Water Repair® Revitalize offers a convenient way to help enhance biological filtration for a safe and healthy pond ecosystem.

Water Repair® Revitalize contains five species of beneficial microorganisms responsible for reducing organic buildup, sludge, and odors in ponds and water gardens. The natural bacterial activity of Revitalize also breaks down harmful chemicals released by decaying organic debris and uneaten fish food.

Revitalize comes in no-mess, 1-ounce water-soluble packets designed to be added directly to your pond water. These pre-measured packets speed up the process of treating your pond because no measuring is involved. The packet and powder dissolve within minutes of coming into contact with the water. The bacteria disperse into your waterscape, resulting in a quicker sludge eating and water clarifying experience. You should apply one 1-ounce packet per 1,000 gallons of pond water every 1 to 2 weeks to help maintain clean water for your fish and for your enjoyment. Most importantly, Revitalize can be used all year long to condition pond water.

Revitalize is also available in a 2-in-1 Barley Straw formula. This dual action formula offers the benefits of beneficial bacteria PLUS the added water clarifying properties of barley straw. Revitalize provides a safe and natural remedy for the many pond owners reluctant to use manufactured chemicals in their ponds or water gardens.