Pursue Coral Propagation to Preserve Our Reefs
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

Coral Conservation: Pursue Coral Propagation to Preserve Our Reefs
Coral propagation is a stimulating and fulfilling aspect of reef keeping. As the world's reefs decline in health, it is crucial for hobbyists to be aware of this engaging facet of their hobby.
Thank you for making the 2008 Drs. Foster and Smith LiveAquaria.com Coral Conference and Frag Swap a great success! Over 600 coral enthusiasts, reef clubs, frag traders, hobbyists, industry-leading aquarium suppliers, expert speakers, and employees made this year's event truly memorable. Your participation is greatly appreciated and is a tremendous testament of the values held high by the reef aquarium community.

We are proud to host so many people, from different facets of the hobby, united in the commitment to offer the best care of captive corals. Your support motivates us to pursue new and exciting ways to spread the message of coral conservation. To achieve this goal, we are scheduling our Coral Conference & Frag Swap from an annual event to a bi-annual event. Therefore, our next Coral Conference and Frag Swap will be in 2010.

For those reef hobbyists yet to attend our one-of-a-kind event, check out some highlights from this year's event and help protect our reefs - one frag at a time!

Coral Conservation: Pursue Coral Propagation to Preserve Our Reefs  
Coral Conservation: Pursue Coral Propagation to Preserve Our Reefs
The future of the reef aquarium hobby and the world's oceans depends on responsible management of our marine resources. Drs. Foster and Smith and LiveAquaria.com share these conservation concerns and strive to educate and promote coral conservation in a fun and interactive environment.

FRAG SWAP - 70 sleek black Aquapods with pendant lighting from Current USA, lined up as far as the eye can see and each stocked with colorful corals glowing under glittering lights, drew hundreds of excited hobbyists into the trader hall.

FACILITY TOURS - We open the doors to our Aquaculture Coral & Marine Life Facility only once a year and tours fill up fast! Guided tours by expert staff walked people through the kind of filtration, lighting, and special care it takes to maintain a 20,000-gallon facility across eight independent systems.

SPEAKER SESSIONS - Eight expert speakers presented on topics covering the ins-and-outs of keeping reef aquariums, from setup and stocking to coral propagation and testing.

    • Christopher Buerner: Chain of custody, sustainability, and environmental impact
    • Ike Eigenbrode: Energy efficient aquatics
    • Dr. Timothy A. Hovanec: Increasing the precision and accuracy of your test kits
    • Gary Jones: Acclimation techniques and fish disease
    • Dr. Sanjay Joshi: Simple approaches to reef keeping
    • Kevin Kohen: Coral pests and means of control
    • Scott Michael: Marine aquarium keeping: Then & now
    • Julian Sprung: Stocking small (nano) reef aquaria
KID'S AREA - The goal of our Coral Conference & Frag Swap is to educate and nurture younger generations of aquarium hobbyists. Our aquatic petting zoo offered children the opportunity to handle live starfish, snails, and other critters. In addition, educational games with treats and prizes made this year's event even more family friendly.