Our Green Practices Help You and the Environment
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Going Green at Drs. Foster and Smith
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At Drs. Foster and Smith we care about your satisfaction - but we also care about the environment. In fact, we all know that a cleaner world equals a better life for you, your family, and your pets. That's why we've committed to taking an active approach to environmental issues.

green packaging
Even our packing material is going green. These starch peanuts are made right here in our facility and are 100% biodegradable. Just a little water will dissolve them right before your eyes. They're durable, lightweight, and are suitable for composting.

Before we started making our own packing materials we would trailer in truckloads of polystyrene peanuts. Now, for every one trailer load of the starch pellets we use to make packing peanuts, we save the planet more than 20 trailer loads of polystyrene peanuts that would normally go into the landfill. Not to mention the fuel used to run the trucks. We're pretty excited about that - and hope you are too.

See for yourself. The next time you order from us, take your peanuts to the closest sink, run some water over them, and watch them disappear. You'll see we're doing our part to preserve our world's precious resources.

Cardboard is a huge proportion of solid waste in the United States and also the most frequently recycled material. We work with the company that makes our boxes to bring that percentage down significantly. The boxes you get from us are made from 75% recycled/69% post-consumer recycled corrugated.

We are committed to finding more and more ways to minimize negative effects on the environment. Earth-friendly packaging is just one way to show that we care as much about the earth as we (and you) do about your pets.

recycled, organic, renewable or biodegradable
More and more of the products we offer are now made with recycled materials. Take, for example, the MiracleLoft® polyfil we use in our Doctors Foster and Smith beds; it is made from recycled soda bottles. Some of our backyard wild bird feeders are made from recycled plastic milk jugs. Rather than allowing used bottles and jugs to fill up landfills, we've partnered with companies that are turning this refuse into usable, durable products that last and last.

Since you also care about what goes into or on your pets, you'll also find, wherever possible, product options made with nontoxic, organic, or biodegradable ingredients. Find these products in many of our departments, including cleaning and sanitation, skin care, treats, foods, and toys, to name a few. These products are safer for your pets, your family, and our environment.

Going Green

Green Packaging

Green Packaging

green products
As we all grow more concerned about the environment, we know you are looking for more ways to show you care about our planet. In order to make it easier for pet owners to find green products for their pets, we are always adding new earth-friendly products to our inventory.
Corrugated Cat Playhouses and Cat Cavern Scratchers
One Earth Brand Cat Litter and World's Best Cat Litter
Fresh World Bedding
Marshall Bi-Odor Ferret Waste Deodorizer
Natural Chemistry Healthy Habitat
Microbe-Lift Liquid Mosquito Control
As a matter of fact, we have entire sections of eco-friendly wild bird products and solar pond products available for you!
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