Feather and Skin Care Tips for Your Pet Bird
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

our bird's skin and feathers are delicate and sensitive, and the appearance of your bird's
plumage is a direct indication of his overall health. Here are some tips to help ensure that your bird has the healthiest skin and feathers possible.

DIET: Be sure you feed your bird a diet that meets his specific species requirements. Pelleted diets are preferred by avian veterinarians because each pellet contains the same nutritional value as the next. Birds cannot pick out their favorite pieces, at the expense of complete nutrition. Kaytee Exact Rainbow Diet has developed species-specific diet formulas that supply nutrients necessary for brighter color and excellent overall bird health. Kaytee Rainbow Exact Diets
Sunshine Factor SUPPLEMENT: Your bird's food, especially if it's just seeds, may not contain all the vitamins, minerals, and nutrition necessary to have ideal plumage and skin health. Supplements are readily available in products like Sunshine Factor or Skin & Plumage Supplement to fulfill your bird's nutrition needs.
LIGHTING: Sunlight is important for your bird in order to maintain vitamin levels and healthy plumage. A safe way to provide necessary sunlight to all birds is with the use of an artificial, full-spectrum light for no more than ten hours per day. AvianSun 5.0 Compact Fluorescent Bulb

Shower Perch MOISTURE: Birds' feathers do better in slightly humid conditions because of the added moisture that is in the air. Your indoor bird may benefit from frequent access to bathing water or the shower. A Sandy Shower Fun Perch adds safety and conditioning to any bath. You may find it necessary to mist your bird or operate a humidifier for additional moisture. Specialized products, such as Bird Bath Spray, restore natural preening gland oil.

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