Hamster Crossword Puzzle
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

Activity Hut: Hamster Crossword Puzzle
Fill in the words to find interesting facts about Hamsters.
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4. A ___________ ___________ hamster is a Syrian hamster with long hair.

7. A ___________ hamster is the most common pet hamster and is also known as a golden hamster.

8. Hamsters love to run on an __________ __________ for exercise during the night.

9. Hamsters are ____________, which means they are awake mostly at night.

10. There are three main types of hamsters: Syrian, Dwarf, and _____________.

11. A hamster is a _____________, which is in the same group of mammals as the rat, mouse, and guinea pig.


1. A ___________ cage offers your hamster a secure place to live and provides lots of ventilation and air flow.

2. A ___________ ___________ gives your hamster a dark, secluded place to rest and sleep and helps him feel secure.

3. When you take your hamster out of his cage, be sure that you ___________ __________ the room first so he doesn't get injured or squeeze in a small place he shouldn't be.

5. The __________ hamster is very small and is the most social out of all other types of hamsters.

6. Hamsters will often use their bedding to dig down in their bedding or nesting material, which is also called ___________.

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