Benefits of Supplementing Your Dog's Diet
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Should You Supplement Your Dog's Diet?
As a general rule, a high quality pet food should have all the daily nutrition your pet needs. However, there are times in your dog’s life when feeding a premium pet food is simply not enough and additional supplementation is called for.
Should You Supplement Your Dog's Diet?

Pets that are injured or ill may go through stresses that a normally healthy pet will not. During times like these it is often advisable for pets to be supplemented with additional vitamins like our LifeStage Select® Multivitamins or our high-calorie, high energy Vitacal® formula to ensure proper nutrition.

Your senior pet does not have the same needs as a puppy or young adult. As such there are additional supplements you can give to help promote her health and wellness. For example, our Premium Plus® AntioxiTabs® will help fight free radicals that can lead to tissue damage as they accumulate in your senior pet’s body. Aging can also take its toll on your older dog’s joints and organs. A premium vitamin like our LifeStage Select® Senior Plus with glucosamine or our Joint Care products can help to support healthy joints and internal systems.

Puppies, especially those found as strays or adopted from a shelter can oftentimes be malnourished when you first bring them home. The growing needs of a puppy can demand additional and specialized nutrition to help ensure good health. Supplements like our Vitacal® or LifeStage Select® Puppy Multivitamins are designed to guarantee your puppy receives all the vitamins and minerals he needs.

In light of controversies over pet foods some pet owners have opted to create their own specialty diets at home, for example the BARF (biologically appropriate raw foods) diet. One of the things pet owners must remember if feeding a raw food or homemade diet is there is no guarantee of complete daily nutrition. Any pet fed a raw food or homemade diet should also be given a daily multivitamin supplement to ensure appropriate nutrient levels are reached.

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