Pond Pre-Filters Keep Pumps Clog Free
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

Pond Pre-Filters Keep Pumps Clog Free
Pond Pre-Filters Keep Pumps Clog Free
Your pond pump is a considerable investment that needs protection. Installing a pre-filter is an inexpensive way to protect your pumps, help pumps run more efficiently, and extend pump life.

Pre-filters prevent debris like leaves, stones, muck, and sticks from damaging your submersible pump. A pump without a pre-filter can experience significant reduction in water flow as well as undue stress on the pump impeller. Pre-filters also help ensure the safety of fish, amphibians, and other small critters by preventing them from being sucked into the pump.

Pre-filter options
SPONGE PRE-FILTERS These are the most common pre-filters available. They are often included with most submersible pumps to provide basic pump protection.

PUMP CAGE AND PRE-FILTER SYSTEMS To protect pumps from large amounts of debris, consider a cage or basket style pre-filter like the Pump Pro-Tector. Better yet, a pre-filter system from Pondmaster is a good choice for pump protection that offers flexible filtration options.

For optimum pump protection, practice regular cleaning. A few minutes cleaning the pre-filter ensures optimum pump performance for increased water flow and savings on energy costs. All in all, pre-filters are an inexpensive insurance policy that help keep your pump, and your pond, in better shape.

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