Stain Removal, the Science Behind
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

The Science Behind Stains and Quick Stain Cleanup Has your cat missed her mark when it comes to the litter box? Even the best behaved cat may avoid her litter box if physically or mentally preoccupied with a medical condition or stressed due to flea allergy dermatitis. As such, schedule a veterinarian exam to determine the cause of any litter box avoidance. But when it comes to cleaning your cat’s mess, you should also turn to science for effective stain and odor removal.

avoid conventional cleaners
Most conventional household cleaners and carpet shampoos are a complex matrix of chemical compounds. Many of these chemical ingredients are harmful to humans, pets, and the environment. Worse, chemical ingredients do not remove pet waste or stains. Instead, they react with the pet waste or stains to simply alter or mask their presence. Additionally, cat waste contains specific scent chemicals. These smells, which are undetectable to the human nose, encourage your cat to eliminate wherever their scent is found. But chemical cleaners do not react with these scent molecules. Therefore, your cat will eventually re-mark the area, even if the stain appears to be clean.

what makes the difference
To fully remove pet stains and odors, you need to attack them on the molecular level. Oxygen-activated formulas are ideal for fresh stains, yet safe and natural for your carpet fibers. Enzyme and bacteria formulas, such as our CleanAway or Stainaway sprays, are perfect for set-in stains. They actually work to eat away or digest proteins and destroy odor pheromones for total stain and odor removal.

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Nature's Miracle Advanced
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