Top 10 Reasons to Get a Ferret
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

Top 10 Reason s to Get a Ferret
There are lots of different pets that you can own, but ferret owners will tell you that ferrets are the best! Why do they think that? What are some of the traits that contribute to the increasing popularity of ferrets as pets?

Ferrets form a very strong bond with their human companions.
Ferrets have no inherent fear of humans.
Playing ferrets are very fun to watch as they jump, roll over, fall off things, and flip each other around.
Every ferret has a distinct, unique personality.
Ferrets are affectionate and friendly.
Ferrets are very intelligent and curious, so they respond well to training and enrichment activities.
Ferrets are quiet pets, so you can often have them in apartments and other places that don't allow dogs and cats.
Ferrets can be litter trained for easier clean up.
Ferrets don't need lots of space - they don't need to be walked and they don't need a huge house to play in, so it's easy to make sure they get the exercise they need.
Ferrets are a great combination of the best traits of dogs and cats - they're playful, loyal, and independent - plus, they're adorable!

As you can see, ferrets make great pets and companions for a number of reasons. But as with any pet, you should never bring a ferret home without doing your research and preparing for the responsibility of ferret ownership. Ferrets are the perfect pet for lots of people, but make sure they're the perfect pet for you!