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Ear care requires special attention during summer. Dogs that spend more time in humid outdoor conditions or do a lot of swimming are at greater risk for potential ear-related problems. Excess moisture and buildup within the ear canal create favorable conditions for infection-causing agents. Let your dog enjoy healthy ears all summer long. Keep routine ear care hassle-free with our Drs. Foster and Smith Ear Care products.


Ear Clens® - Fast acting Ear Clens Solution is the easy way to keep ears clean. This alcohol-free solution loosens waxy buildup and rinses away dirt and debris, even in hard to reach areas. More importantly, veterinary-strength Ear Clens Solution is gentle and non-stinging, making it ideal for routine use.
Ear Powder - Dual-action Ear Powder keeps ear canals dry to relieve irritating ear itch and prevent bacterial and fungal growth. It is the perfect companion to Ear Clens. After cleaning ears with Ear Clens Solution, allow ears to dry and keep them dry and odor-free longer with Ear Powder.
Ear Miticide - For many dogs, summer also means increased exposure to other dogs. Ear mites are extremely contagious and contact with an infected animal may quickly develop into an infestation. Trust the gentle pyrethrin formula of our Ear Miticide to effectively kill ear mites.

Stay on top of ear care by checking your dog's ears on a weekly basis. Pay particular attention to odors, discharge, and redness or swelling of the earflap or canal since they may indicate more serious problems that require veterinary attention.

For more help, watch our professional, step-by-step video guide to help you through your ear-care routine.

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