Litter Box Comparison Chart
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Cat Litter Box Comparison Chart Litter Box Comparison Chart
Are you looking for the perfect feline litter box? Thankfully, there are a variety of litter boxes available for your cat or kitten, including hooded, high-backed, and models that automatically scoop away waste. However, choosing the litter pan that is best for your kitty, lifestyle, and budget can be a troublesome task. Use this informative comparison chart to compare litter boxes and help you decide which style is right for your - and your cat's - needs.

Product Size Automatic Covered Stain/Odor
Unique Features
Rollaway Litter Box Regular: Outside: 19" wide x 17" long x 17" high; Large: Outside: 23" wide x 20" long x 19" high N Y Y Simple rocker design with pullout tray removes waste without scooping or having to touch soiled litter. No filters or liners to buy. Internal screen prevents spills and eliminates dust. Optional mat available.
Catty Corner Outside: 19" wide x 25" long x 18" high; Inside: 18" wide x 24" long x 17" high N Y Y Space-saving corner design with lift-out grate sifts entire litter box in one easy motion. Snap-on door helps further prevent scatter. Optional mat available.
Jumbo Hi-Back Hooded Litter Pan 21-3/4" x 18" x 18-1/2" high" N Y Y Uses zeolite filter to help control odors. Sized for large or messy cats. Optional plastic liners also available.
Jumbo Hi-Back Litter Pan 21-3/4" x 18" x 10-1/4" high N N Y Economical design with extra-high back helps reduce waste scatter. Low entrance is ideal for senior cats. Optional plastic liners available.

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