Outdoor Kennels: How to Disinfect
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

Disinfect outdoor kennel areas Most of the health problems we see with "outside dogs" can easily be prevented with proper sanitation.

Outdoor kennels are a magnet for viruses, fungi and bacteria that could harm your pet. Discipline yourself to disinfect your dog's outdoor living quarters-and everything in it-at least weekly if your pet spends much of its day outside. If you use your kennel less frequently, then disinfect at least monthly.

All surfaces should be cleaned and disinfected with a germicidal cleaner, not just the floor. Spray, mop, or wipe down every surface, including water and food bowls, walls, and crates. These cleaners also kill molds, mildews, and other odor-causing fungi and bacteria and leave kennels smelling fresh.

All kennels and runs should have floors of sealed concrete to provide the best barrier against disease organisms. Gravel or dirt surfaces are not recommended because they are too difficult to keep clean and impossible to disinfect.

Keeping your dog's outside area clean isn't difficult, expensive, or all that time consuming. And it could save you a considerable amount of money in veterinarian bills in the long run. Most importantly, it's what's best for your dog.

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