New Puppies & Sleep: Tips for Bedtime
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

Puppy Keeping You up at Night?

YOUR PUPPY IS A BUNDLE of happy energy during the day. Then comes bedtime, and she cries and cries. At times like these, excitement over your newest family member can turn into frustration and exhaustion. Not to worry, there are a few simple steps you can take to ensure puppy, and everyone else, gets a good night's sleep.

Establish a bedtime routine that includes vigorous play and a trip outside to go to the bathroom. Start the routine at the same time each day. Dogs are much happier when they know what to expect. Try Hide N Seek Dog Toys that beg for curious puppy play and toss them all about the house before bedtime. Allow time for the puppy to calm down before bedtime.
Make a safe place for her to sleep. Putting her in a crate at night, away from drafts, will give her protection and warmth. She'll come to love having a "bedroom" of her own. The Aspen Pet Porter® creates a safe enclosed area for your puppy to rest.
Give her a soft bed or nest for snuggling. Making her feel cozy with a bed or nest boosts puppy's comfort level. Choose one with extra cushion in the middle for added comfort. Try our Traditional Slumber Nest® Dog Bed.
Create soothing sounds. Many new parents put puppy's crate in their bedroom. Their rhythmic breathing helps calm her. You can also try placing a ticking clock or a softly playing radio next to her crate.

Tip for the Doctors
Check out our puppy center for everything you need to start your puppy out right. Click here.Race Foster DVM

If puppy continues to cry, try to ignore it. Responding to the crying will reinforce the behavior. Remember that it'll take a few nights for her to become comfortable in her new surroundings.

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