Bird Feeding 101
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

Simple and Easy Ways to Smarter Bird Feeding

Being smart about wild bird feeding is good for you and for wild birds. A dirty feeder can lead to the spread of disease. Moldy or spoiled seed can make wild birds sick. Poor seed choices can mean more waste and fewer visitors. Following these bird-feeding tips will help keep your wild bird population well fed and disease-free.

Clean feeders = healthy birds Seed Saucer

  • Keep seed trays and platform feeders clean and free of hulls.

  • Rake the ground beneath the feeders regularly, or hang the Seed Saucer under the feeder to catch empty hulls and droppings.

  • Wash feeders at least once a month with a mixture of 1 part bleach to 9 parts water. Bird-safe products like Microbe-Lift Birdhouse/Birdfeeder Cleaner simplify cleaning while maintaining wild bird health. Be sure to let feeders dry completely before refilling.

Protect seed from the elements

  • On wet, rainy days offer seeds in covered feeders, like the Recycled Platform Feeder.

  • Replace old, wet, or moldy seed with fresh, dry seed. Place Feeder Fresh crystals inside your feeder to trap moisture and help prevent seed from molding.

  • In hot weather, hang out heat resilient suet that won't melt or spoil. Try Never Melt Suet.

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