Attract Birds With Water, How to
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

5 Tips to Attract Wild Birds with Water
irds and other backyard visitors are quick to spot - and visit - a fresh, clean water source. Follow our top 5 tips for providing them with this precious resource: 5 Tips to Attract Wild Birds with Water

Contain it. Use deck-mounted, pedestal, and hanging birdbaths at various locations around your yard; they give birds a shallow source for bathing and drinking. EZ-Tilt Birdbath is a breeze to empty and clean.

Set it in motion. Nothing catches a bird's eye like moving water. Install a Water Wiggler inside your existing birdbath. You can also place a decorative fountain on your deck to offer moving water.

Sprinkle it on vegetation. In early morning, turn on sprinklers or misters to shower your garden vegetation. Birds and butterflies enjoy lapping water or bathing on wet leaves. The Feather Mister creates a fine mist perfect for sprinkling vegetation. Bird Pond Kit with 3-Tier Cascade

Make it part of the landscape. A small backyard pond can provide a year-round water source, drawing birds, small animals, and deer. You can install Bird Pond Kit with 3-Tier Cascade in as little as two hours. When landscaping with boulders, select ones with bowl-shaped crevices to collect rainwater.

Keep it pure. Use filtration in ponds, clean your baths often, and change birdbath water daily. Use Birdbath Clear to assist you with birdbath maintenance. This nontoxic, enzymatic birdbath formula helps clear organic debris that clouds birdbaths. Also avoid pesticide or herbicide use on lawns and gardens.

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