Natural Cat Treats: What's Not There Counts
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

Cat Treats Natural Cat Treats
For the health and vitality of your cat, try some of our "all natural" selections.

ecause your cat deserves the best, settle for nothing less at treat time. Avoid cat treats whose ingredient lists read like a lab manual - full of chemical preservatives or unnecessary fillers. Instead, give her natural cat treats, which offer the quality ingredients that can result in increased energy, healthier skin and coat, improved muscle tone, and better disease resistance.

Many cat owners have witnessed their cat chew grass outdoors. Grasses contain vitamins (such as folic acid) and dietary fiber. Indoor cats need something other than our houseplants (which can be toxic) to satisfy their grass cravings. Grow her some healthy grass, such as Pet Greens 100% certified organic wheat grass. Or, at playtime, give kitty the energetic burst that only the aroma of pure catnip can provide; try our Feline Fantasia® Catnip.

Protein-rich Feasts
Our 100% real meat and seafood treats provide the high quality proteins and amino acids our little carnivores need, and they do so without additives or artificial preservatives. Meat lovers appreciate our Freeze-Dried LiverSnax®, made from 100% freeze-dried lamb liver. Seafood-lovers opt for the variety in our 100% seafood selections: Tuna Flakes, Shrimp Snappies, Salmon or Cod Fishies.

Seafood Treats
Our Seafood Treats
offer highly digestible sources of quality proteins for cats.
Cat Grass
Cat Grass
for natural, edible grass in a plastic planter.
Chicken Liver Plus Cat Treats
Chicken Liver Plus Cat Treats,
a delicious real chicken liver treat.

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