Ensure Fresh, Pure Water for Your Bird
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

Fresh Water the Essential Elementow many days do you think your bird can last without water? A week? Maybe two? Truth is, after just three days of water deprivation, a bird will be near death. But, having water available isn’t the only issue – the water must be fresh and pure, and the container clean.

Stainless Steel Cage Cup change water and clean containers daily
Birds drink water every day. But, if there’s food, fecal matter, or debris floating around in their water bowl, they may be drinking a dangerous bacteria soup. Change the water and clean the water dish each day, so you can ensure your bird gets a healthy source of fresh water on a daily basis.

consider the source
In choosing a water source, unchlorinated water is best. You may wish to consider using bottled spring water. However, if you’d rather use tap water, it’s important to have the water professionally tested as some tap water may have elevated coliform counts, which can cause disease in birds. Another alternative would be using a water filter to purify the water.

Glass Water Bottle
Glass Water Bottle

is a great way to prevent food and fecal matter from fouling your bird's water.
Stainless Steel Cage Cup
Stainless Steel
Cage Cups

do not harbor bacteria and are easy to sterilize.
Bottle and Tube Brush
Bottle and Tube Brush

simplifies the cleaning of bottles, drinking tubes, and other hard to reach spots.

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