Compounding FAQs
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff


What is Prescription Compounding?
Compounding is the custom formulation of prescribed medications rather than simply filling a bottle with pills. Using the same ingredients as your pet or horse's prescribed medication, our compounding pharmacy prepares your prescription into any number of easy-to-administer forms, including chewables, liquids, ointments, and gels.
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How do I know if my pet's prescription can be compounded?
Please call or email our pharmacy to discuss your options. This service is relatively new, so even some of the most experienced veterinary practitioners may not be aware of all the prescription options available to them while treating your pet or horse.
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Custom Compounding now available. Please call to discuss details

How to Order:
Please call (800-381-7329, M-F 9-5 CST), or email our pharmacy to discuss your compounding options on your pet's next prescription. To learn how to get your prescription on file, please click here.

Can all medications be compounded?
While many prescriptions are available in alternative forms, there are limitations due to the unique properties of some compounds. Those limitations include a medication's stability, solubility, palatability, and legality. Our pharmacy will only custom compound medications in forms that will be safe and effective for companion animals. For more details, please click here.
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Is compounding expensive?
Not necessarily. Prices are determined on a per-order basis depending on your prescription needs. While compounding is a custom service, you can generally expect to pay less for the convenience of compounded medications. This is because, if your prescription allows, we use FDA-approved chemicals to formulate the precise dosage and form for your pet or horse. Given the ease of administration and the peace of mind knowing your pet is getting the exact dosage he needs, compounding is usually the more economical alternative. Plus, flavoring costs only $5 more to make your pet's medication taste great!
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How do I order?
Simply ask your veterinarian to discuss your pet or horse's compounding options with our pharmacy and fax your prescription to our office. Your veterinarian has to specifically prescribe the compounding method for your pet's medication, though if the method has a flavor option, you may choose your pet's favorite.
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Drs. Foster & Smith Pharmacy will only compound prescription medications on a per order basis in forms that are safe and effective for companion pets. Drs. Foster & Smith is not a manufacturer of prescription medications.