Summer Safety Tips for Dogs
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Dog Days of Summer: Safety in the Sun
Dog Days of Summer: Safety in the Sun
Summer is the perfect time to own a pet. The long, warm days easily turn into cherished memories as you and your dog play, travel, or just relax in the sun. But the summer's lazy days shouldn't seep into your pooch's regular care routine. Nor should you let your guard down around summer's
heat and humidity, which can be dangerous to your pooch. With careful planning, conscientious care, and a little common sense, you and your dog can enjoy everything summer has to offer.

Visit your Veterinarian
Schedule your pet's annual checkup. Depending on where you live, testing your dog for heartworm before starting a preventive is essential, as is controlling parasites like fleas and ticks. While you are there, get a current copy of your pet's medical history and vaccinations to keep with you when you travel.

Heel the Heat
Dogs don't sweat like humans. In fact, the only sweat glands on a dog's body are near her paws. Alone, this does little to cool your dog. To aid the cooling process, your dog pants. To help combat summer's heat and humidity, monitor her outdoor time, never leave her in the car, and keep her:

Watered - Keep her home dish full and a travel dish
always ready.

Leashed - Prevent her from escaping and getting lost in
the hot sun. Be sure she has access to shade wherever
she is confined.

Groomed - Help regulate her body temperature by
trimming her coat.

Protected - Rub sunscreen (waterproof SPF 15 or
above) on her ear tips and nose.

Activity Level - Appropriate play, jogging, etc
during cool hours of the day.

Handi-Drink Pet Water Bottles

Pack for Prevention
Summer is often packed full of fun. But whether your dog accompanies you across town to the park, across the country to relatives, or stays behind in a local kennel, her needs should be top priority. As always, being prepared is the best preventive measure. Before you embark on any expedition, gather:

Medical Records - In an emergency, vaccination
and medical records save time. If going out of state or
country, have an updated health certificate.

Identification Tags - If lost, this information could quickly
reunite you and your pet. If traveling, get a second set of
tags with a local contact name and your cell number.

First Aid Supplies - Keep these on hand for medical
emergencies or to restock your first aid kit.

Water and Food - Eliminate potential digestive problems
with familiar water and food.

Identification Tags

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