Waste Cleanup Tips
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

Easy Dog Waste Clean Up Cleaning up after your pets not only keeps your community clean, it can also prevent or decrease health problems affecting your pets or your family.

Clean your yard daily to control:

  • Coprophagia (stool eating). What your dog can't find, he can't eat.

  • Intestinal worms. If your dog is eating feces or constantly stepping in it he may get infested again and again with worms and other parasites that live in the feces.

  • A nasty fly problem. Let's face it, feces draws flies and flies will land on your dog and cause painful bites on noses and ears. Bites can lead to itching, itching to scratching and scratching to higher veterinarian's bills. Pick up the feces and control flies.
You have many choices when it comes to cleaning up your yard. You can choose to hire a pick up service or do it yourself. Products you may find useful include Dispoz-A-Scoop, pet waste shovels or rakes with pans, or any in-ground digester system.

Clean up your dog's waste on walks because:

  • It makes you a better neighbor.

  • It keeps the dog community healthier. Remember, this dog community includes your dog.

  • It keeps your dog and others from spreading germs. Dangerous microbes like Salmonella and Parvovirus thrive on feces. Many owners allow their dogs toIn-ground Digester System sniff other dog's feces, but it is not a good idea since so many diseases are transmitted by feces.
Take a plastic bag (or handy Dispoz-A-Scoop) with you on your walks. Dispose of them in the nearest waste receptacle or your own trash can.

Picking up after your pet, whether in your own back yard or as you walk down a city street or park, is not only the responsible thing to do, it can also prevent the occurrence of many problems. And it is so simple.

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