Hedgehog Fun Facts
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

    Hedgehog Fun Facts
  • Though originally native to Africa and often referred to as the "African Pygmy," the most commonly kept hedgehogs are probably a mix of different hedgehog species and descriptively named by breeders as opposed to being classified by a true species name.
  • Hedgehogs are considered to be insectivores, relying on insects for much of their dietary needs. They are, however, opportunistic feeders who will eat almost anything they find.
  • Short, prickly spines cover a hedgehog's entire back. Also known as quills, these defensive tools are really modified, hollow hairs and are not poisonous or barbed.
  • When threatened, hedgehogs roll into a tight ball, protecting their face, eyes, limbs, and bellies.
  • If necessary, a hedgehog can run over six feet per second. In fact, many hedgehogs will attempt to escape an attacker before they roll into a protective, spiny ball.
  • Hedgehogs have very sensitive senses of smell and hearing. They can even hear in the ultrasonic range.
  • Though many people claim that hedgehogs are immune to toxins that are deadly to humans and other animals, more research is needed to verify these claims. Therefore, hedgehogs should be kept away from all poisons.
  • Hedgehogs prefer to live apart from other members of their own species, however, can form a tight bond with their human counterparts.
  • Hedgehogs prefer controlled periods of light and darkness, as well as undisturbed periods of rest.
  • Hedgehogs thrive in warm temperatures (75° to 80°F).
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