Ultraviolet Clarifiers
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

Introduction to Pond UV Clarifiers

Did you know we can simulate the UVC portion of the sun's light rays to manage free-floating algae and other harmful organisms? One safe, effective, and proven way to do this is through the use of a pond ultraviolet clarifier.

What is an Ultraviolet Clarifier?
This device emits the germicidal light UVC, the UV portion of sunlight absorbed by the ozone layer, to help clarify green water associated with free-floating algae. By adjusting the flow rate, the cleansing effect of UV clarifiers can also help reduce many harmful biological organisms including bacteria, mold spores, viruses, and protozoa. A UV clarifier relies on an UVC-emitting lamp to irradiate pond water as it flows across the UV lamp.

Pond Plants Benefits of UV Clarification
A properly performing UV clarifier can achieve up to a 99% reduction in free-floating algae. However, adequate mechanical and biological filtration must be used when operating a UV clarifier to manage the added waste from the dying algae. When used in conjunction with efficient pond filtration, UV clarifiers are a great way to achieve clear, clean pond water. A UV clarifier can be used with any size pond. Just be sure to use the proper wattage unit for your particular pond and use a matching water pump to achieve correct flow rates.

Special Concerns
UV clarifiers are great supplementary devices for any pond. They will not adversely affect your pond's inhabitants, require little maintenance, and are available in various wattages. However, lamp effectiveness declines with time. Be sure to replace the UV lamp yearly, or per manufacturer's recommendation in order to maintain UV efficiency. Also, clean the quartz sleeve of the lamp regularly to remove organic buildup. A clean quartz sleeve allows better penetration of UV light and maximizes the efficiency of the unit. As a piece of electrical equipment, a UV clarifier needs to be protected from the elements. Most UV clarifiers are watertight, but if not, look for a compatible waterproofing kit. Another option is to locate the UV clarifier in a sheltered area or a pump house.

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