Lighting Upgrade Considerations
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

When choosing a lighting system it is important to select a system that meets the lighting requirements of the organisms you intend to keep. Since the aquarium inhabitants you bring into your home will no longer receive the necessary natural sunlight, you must closely simulate the proper lighting conditions required for proper growth and overall good health.
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Freshwater Aquariums
Are live plants part of your setup or is it a fish-only aquarium? Live freshwater plants have more specific lighting requirements than freshwater fish. Fluorescents and compact fluorescents are available in a wide array of spectrums that will provide the necessary bright light to promote photosynthesis and growth.

Saltwater Aquariums
Are you planning on a reef- or fish-only aquarium? Different corals have different lighting requirements and reef systems require higher intensity lighting than fish-only systems. We suggest high-intensity metal halide lighting systems for reef aquariums.

Deeper Aquariums
More intense lighting is needed to ensure photosynthetic specimens further away from the light source are receiving adequate light. Metal halide fixtures are ideal for deeper planted or reef aquariums.

Researching the specific lighting requirements of the plants and/or animals you hope to keep in your aquarium makes lighting selection easier. PLUS, you save money by doing it right the first time. See below for more discussion on lighting upgrades.

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