Pet Waste Cleanup & Lawn Care Selection Guide
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

Lawn Care Solutions
Keeping your lawn free of pet waste and looking its best can be a challenge for pet owners. Let's face it, dog waste cleanup is not a task we look forward to. And the 4" diameter brown polka dots in our yard from lawn burn? Not very attractive.

Thankfully, there are a number of pet waste pickup and lawn burn prevention products that help make cleanup easier, faster and more effective, and there are solutions for preventing lawn burns. We'll review a few of our favorites here.

Doggy Dooley In-Ground Digester Systems
Doggy Dooley in-ground digester systems are a convenient and environmentally safe way to dispose of your pet's solid waste. You simply bury the unit in your yard so that the lid is flush with your grass, step on the trigger which makes the Doggy Dooley lid pop-up, and drop your pet's waste inside. The stool digester solution that you add to the unit breaks down the waste into a harmless liquid that is absorbed into the earth beneath the unit. The Doggy Dooley dog waste system is convenient, it doesn't make your garbage can smell, and it's environmentally friendly.

Scooper Pans with Rake or Spade Potty Pick-up
Getting the dog waste to the In-Ground Digester system (or wherever you put it) is the part we don't like. Fortunately there are tools to help make this job less unpleasant. Probably the most common products for pet waste cleanup are what are commonly called "pooper scoopers," like our shovel and rake set. We would also hope that everyone practices responsible dog ownership courtesy and picks up after their dog when on walks, in parks, or if your dog wanders next door. Portable and disposable pick-up bags such as Dispoz-A-Scoop should be a product every pet owner has on hand.

Keeping Lawns Green
The nitrogen in your dog's urine is what causes grass to die and leave brown and yellow marks in your otherwise beautiful lawn. The best way to prevent lawn burns is to hose down the grass immediately after your dog eliminates, thus diluting the nitrogen and preventing it from burning your grass.

Lawn Guard ® Extra Strength Crunchy Bites There are products you simply add to your pet's food and it helps promote a healthy urinary tract. Our favorite is Lawn Guard® because of the convenience and overall effectiveness. Because these products contain ingredients that work differently from dog to dog, we recommend starting with Lawn Guard® Regular Strength Tablets and if you don't see a noticeable improvement within a few weeks, try Lawn Guard® Extra Strength Tablets, Lawn Guard ® Extra Strength Crunchy Bites, or Lawn Guard® Extra Strength Chewables.

Keeping your lawn free of pet waste is important for the health of your pet since very serious diseases, like parvovirus, can be transmitted through feces. We recommend immediate cleanup of stools, not only for the health of your pet, but also so you can enjoy your yard without worrying about your next step.

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