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FAQs About Dog Beds

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Dog Bed Selection Guide 
Beds: Why Your Dog Needs One 
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Drs. Foster and Smith Quilted Super Deluxe Dog Bed
Drs. Foster and Smith Quilted Super Deluxe Dog Bed
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Box Dog Bed
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Drs. Foster and Smith Deluxe Orthopedic Pad
Drs. Foster and Smith Deluxe Orthopedic Pad
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Why does my dog need a dog bed?
Dog beds prevent your dog from using your expensive couch or chair and are actually good for the animal. Also, dogs, especially larger ones, should not lie on hard surfaces. They can develop calluses or sores over bony protrusions (such as the elbow). Dogs with arthritis can especially benefit from a dog bed, especially one crafted for arthritic dogs, like our Quilted Super Deluxe Bed. Arthritic dogs can also benefit greatly from a bed that is heated.

What is the life expectancy of your beds, on average?
Many variables come into play when determining how long a bed will last. Some dogs use beds more than others, some owners use the bed outside, some inside, some dogs dig into their beds to get comfortable, some don't. You'll find our beds to be among the longest lasting beds on the market.

Does my pet need a foam bed or one filled with MiracleLoft® polyfil?
Generally, older, recuperating, or handicapped dogs will benefit most from foam beds, since they are firmer and easier to get in and out of. If your dog likes to nest (knead fabric), a MiracleLoft®-filled bed will be best.

Do baffle beds provide more support than polyfil beds?
By the nature of the baffle design, i.e., polyfil-filled tubes of fabric sewn together, baffle beds tend to be firmer and provide more support than other beds. Baffle beds are designed with the intent of creating a non-shifting polyfil liner. If your pet likes to nest or shift the fill, an Ultimate Classic Dog Bed is best.

I have an arthritic pet. What would be the best bed to get for him?
Because of the support that foam creates, and the special need for comfort that an arthritic pet has, a Quilted Super Deluxe Bed is the best of all worlds for the arthritic pet. Our domed foam is medial grade and combined with the quilting, provides 7 inches of comfortable support for sore arthritic joints. Big dogs, especially, need the kind of bed that can support their weight.

By contrast, the Slumber Ball can be difficult for a larger, older, or arthritic dog to get in and out of. But your dog does not need to forgo MiracleLoft™ altogether; a baffle bed may be just the ticket since the baffles are made to hold the filling in place, thus giving more support than a traditional polyfil bed.

What is the best way to measure my pet to get the correct size and type of bed?
First determine how your pet sleeps. If your pet sleeps curled up in a ball, then a Slumber Nest would be the best choice. Measure your pet while in this curled up position and then add 7 inches to determine cuddler length.

If your pet prefers to stretch out then a rectangle bed in foam or polyfil would be the choice for your pet. In this position, again measure your pet and add 12 inches to determine bed length.


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