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Multiple Cages           Multiple Cages
Variety, and an occasional change of scenery, is the spice of your bird's life. You can help ensure he receives that variety by placing different types of cages throughout your home. Primary, playtop, and sleeper cages - when used collectively - help ensure your bird's comfort and security by keeping him close to you and making him part of your daily routine.

The primary cage
The primary cage offers a safe, comfortable space in which your bird will spend the bulk of his time, such as the hours when you are at work. Because this cage will be your bird's principal living space, it's a good idea to place it in a social room/area where your family typically gathers. It should also include several stimulating toys and room to fly if necessary. Placing the primary cage in a busy living room or family room will give your bird easy access to exciting sights and sounds while making him feel that he is an important part of your family.

Multiple Cages
The playtop cage
Play is vital to your bird's ongoing health and happiness. If you allow your bird out of his cage to play, consider giving him his very own indoor playground with a playtop cage or playstand. The playtop cage should be placed in a location that lends itself to stimulating activity and fun, such as a den or family recreation room. You might also consider placing the playtop cage or playstand in a sun room or enclosed porch so your bird can enjoy an "open" atmosphere while playing. The Select Series Villa Bird Cage features an extensive playtop with ladders, perch, and food cups - the ideal atmosphere for invigorating play. If you lack the space or resources to invest in a playtop cage, consider a more compact, free-standing Playpen or a portable Playstand.

The sleeper cage
Sleeper cages give your bird nightly peace, quiet, and a comfy resting spot. These cages are smaller than what you'd expect - even for larger birds - because they provide only enough space inside for sleeping, and are not intended for flight, play, or other activities. And when used with a cage cover, sleeper cages are quieter, more secure, and more comforting for your bird. Consider placing a sleeper cage in your bedroom, spare room, or another consistently quiet location to ensure hours of uninterrupted rest.

Pick the right spot...
Whether you're adding a primary, playtop, or sleeper cage to your home, be sure to consider locations carefully.
* Do not place a potentially loud playtop cage near a baby's room
* Do not put a sleeper cage in a busy den or living room
* Remember that birds may learn and imitate repeated noises, so choose your locations accordingly
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