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Three Steps to a Healthier Bird

Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff
Control Bird Stress in 5 Easy Steps 
Preening behavior in pet birds 
Fatty Liver Disease in Pet Birds 
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3 Steps to Happiness
Behavior problems, such as biting and screaming, can develop when one or more of your bird's basic needs are not met. Negative behaviors can also manifest themselves when your bird lacks mental stimulation or challenge.

Emotionally, birds are like toddlers. They have short attention spans, tiring quickly of any activity. With nothing to do, they will find even self-destructive behavior like feather-plucking to be satisfying. To optimize physical, mental, and emotional health, you need to engage your bird regularly in activities to challenge, stimulate, and train your pet.

PlaystandPhysical Challenge - Exercise relaxes your bird.

  • Flight - Flying is a learned experience and an enjoyment in its own right. If you have a small bird, you can provide him a flight cage which affords sufficient space for side-to-side flight.

  • Exercise - Large birds need time out and away from their cage, both to alleviate boredom and flex their muscles. An out-of-cage playstand, complete with ladders and toys, provides a secure station for your bird, and an opportunity for self-diversion. Large birds can comfortably spend more time out of their cage equipped with a Flight Suit which allows for flight while controlling droppings.
Intellectual Stimulation - Mental growth comes from doing.


  • Toys - When it comes to accepting new toys, every bird is different. Some birds will love any toy provided. Other birds may appear suspicious of them. Wood and rope toys are generally welcome. Acrylic toys are usually more durable, and their diverse designs offer unique challenges. Our interactive toys, for example, feature moveable and sliding parts, mirrors, and other features to capture interest. No matter which toys you provide, and regardless of how intriguing they are, your bird will eventually tire of them. It is important to remember to rotate toys every few days. This will present a fresh look and challenge for your pet. When re-introducing a toy to the cage or playstand, put it in a different location to mix things up.

  • Diet - A staple diet is essential for good health. But that does not mean you must serve exactly the same prepared food day in and day out. Variety is critical to nutrition, and also important to the satisfaction of your bird. You can select from an enormous variety of high quality supplements, plusTreat Pinata fruit and nut treats, to satisfy the palate of even the fussiest bird. Like to cook? Check out Pretty Bird Birdy Banquet. Your bird will love you for the effort. To add even more variety, mix up the way in which you feed your bird. Use a variety of feeders. Hide food in toys, hang it with treat holders in the cage, or provide large pieces the bird needs to break up before eating.

  • Travel - Bird enthusiasts get cabin fever. Birds get cage fever. Both of you occasionally need a road trip. You can also change the scenery for your bird by simply moving his cage about your house.

  • Companionship - The secret to keeping your bird happy is the frequency of attention, not the duration. When your bird tires of the entertaining items you provide, stroke his plumage or play together. After a minute or two, he should be content and ready to return to the stand.
Teach Box and BankTraining - Teaching brings you and your bird closer together.
  • Do you own a bird with the potential for speech? Talk 'N Play Bird Toy will have your bird talking up a storm. Birds learn to operate the four easy-press buttons to activate fun phrases and captivating lights.
  • Strengthen your bond with interactive play. Teach Box & Bank Bird Toy teaches your bird to recognize and name colors and shapes.
Birds are highly intelligent pets that respond well to frequent physical and mental stimulation. Take the routine out of your care regimen to keep things fresh and interesting.
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