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Compare Soothing Topicals & Itch Control Products

Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

Product: What it contains/does: Especially good for:
Itch Stop Series
Itch Stop Series

(for dogs, cats, & horses)
Contains 0.05% hydrocortisone, a mild topical steroid, which will stop the itch temporarily. Available in spray, shampoo, lotion, salve, and pads. For allergies manifested in the skin, hydrocortisone has been shown effective in stopping incessant itching. Commonly used as a spray, salve, or liquid-soaked pad between toes to stop constant licking.
Drs. Foster & Smith Septi-Soothe™ Treatments
Drs. Foster & Smith Septi-Soothe™ Treatments

(for dogs)
Water-based soothing formula which contains antibacterial chlorhexidine. For raw, scratched areas, such as hot spots. Available in mist, salve, or pads. If your dog has been diagnosed with a hot spot, follow your veterinarian's instructions. Used to soothe the irritated area while chlorhexidine controls secondary bacterial infections.
Herbal Skin and Coat Rub
Herbal Skin
and Coat Rub

(for dogs)
All-herbal rub for itchy, irritated skin. Contains pennyroyal and comfrey oils. For the owner that wants an all-natural alternative to other anti-itch products. Works well on some dogs.
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