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De-Wormers Comparison Chart: Interval
Dewormer Comparison Chart
Dewormer Daily Horse Supplements Overview
Deworming Guidelines for Cats & Kittens
Wormer Comparison Chart

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Common Infectious Diseases
Infectious diseases are those diseases that horses can get from each other, or via a vector, such as a mosquito, which may transmit the disease from horse to horse. Horse owners can vaccinate their horses against many of these diseases.
Deworming Schedule for Horses
Control of gastrointestinal equine parasites may seem confusing. This article goes over the three types of wormers and when to give them so you can find one that's right for your horse.
Internal Parasites Common in Horses
Strongyles, tapeworms, roundworms, and more can infect your horse. This article explains the more common equine parasites so you can create a plan to help control gastrointestinal worms.
Intestinal Worms: Signs & Symptoms
Almost every pet has had or will have a case of intestinal parasites at least once in his life. The two most common intestinal parasites in our pets are roundworms and hookworms.
Worms in Cats: The Symptoms
Worried about intestinal worms? Here's our veterinary guide to checking your cat at home for the presence of worms.

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Dog Deworming Guidelines
Displayed are Drs. Foster & Smith's guidelines for deworming your puppy, nursing dam, adult dog, or newly aquired animals.


Intestinal Worms: Signs & Symptoms
Dog Deworming Guidelines
Dewormer Comparison Chart

Internal Parasites Common in Horses
Dewormer Daily Horse Supplements Overview
Panacur (Brand)
Panacur (Brand)
As low as $0.29
Drontal Plus Tablets for Dogs
Drontal Plus Tablets for Dogs
As low as $5.99
Strongid T
Strongid T
As low as $0.50

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