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Canine Cognitive Dysfunction in Aging Pets
Get a definition of canine cognitive dysfunction, learn the symptoms, and veterinarian recommendations.
Changes in Skin and Haircoat of Senior Dogs
As with people, dogs may start to show changes in their skin and haircoat as they get older. Become aware of these changes so you are prepared to deal with them.
Deafness in Dogs: A Common Process of Pet Aging
Pet hearing loss is explained, as well as why this affliction cannot be treated as easily as in humans.
Euthanasia in Pets: A Difficult Decision
Get a definition of euthanasia and a walk-through of what happens to your pet when he/she is euthanized.
Free Radical Damage and Its Effects on Your Senior Dog
Find out about free radical damage, how it causes aging and disease in pets, and the role of antioxidants.
Geriatric Exams: What to Expect
What to expect at your senior dog’s twice-yearly geriatric exams. Find out why pets are given urinalysis, CBCs, and more.
Kidney Disease in Senior Dogs: Signs, Symptoms, & Treatment
The risk of kidney disease (renal failure) increases as a dog grows older. The condition can be either acute (occurs suddenly, signs can be severe) or chronic (slow onset with generalized signs).
Nuclear Sclerosis in Senior Dogs
Nuclear Sclerosis is a normal change in senior dog eyes. Find out how it affects vision.

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Feeding Senior Dogs FAQs
Senior Pet FAQs

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Age-related Behavior
Age-related Health Conditions
Bad Behavior: A Health Problem?
Caring for Your Older Dog
Causes of Arthritis, Hip Dysplasia and Other Joint Diseases
Comforting Senior Pets
Exercise and Older Pets
Give Your Older or Ailing Pet a Lift
Heat Therapy for Senior Dogs
How to Calculate your Dog's Age
How You Can Best Take Care of All Your Senior Dog's Needs
Living With a Dog With Limited Vision
Nutritional Needs of Older Dogs
Older Dogs, Aged Minds: Dealing With Dog Dementia
Prevent Stiff Joints with Exercise
Quality of Life for Your Senior Dog
Senior Pet Care tips
The Aging Process and How We Can Help
Urinary Incontinence in Dogs Explained

Common Diseases in Older Dogs
Health & Veterinary Care for Older Dogs
Monitoring Your Aging Dog for Signs of Disease
Older Dogs: Common Behavior Changes
Senior Dog Care
Older Dogs, Aged Minds: Dealing With Dog Dementia
Urinary Incontinence in Dogs Explained
Feeding Senior Dogs FAQs
Senior Dog Care
Changes in Skin and Haircoat of Senior Dogs
Kidney Disease in Senior Dogs: Signs, Symptoms, & Treatment

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Adequan Canine (Brand)
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